About Us

We are REBEL
A creative team of three sausage musketeers, making inspired charcuterie on the South coast in Hove.
Our process begins by sourcing the best produce we can find, this means high welfare, free range, local and happy animals. Our pigs are a little over eleven miles away from our Brighton HQ, reared in open fields at the foot of the Southdowns. Farmer Richard then, at the right time, personally drives the pigs to the abattoir. He is present from the beginning to the end. Our Wagyu X products are carefully selected from our friend Andrew at Trenchmore farm plus we have a collection of weekly specials from rare-breed small holdings.
We test the ph too, this can indicate stress levels that the animal may have been put through, above a certain ph and we wont work with it.
From there we turn ideas into cured meats & fermented sausages under strict conditions using natural skins only. Temperature, humidity and air drying controls are put into place to ensure we can produce the best products we possibly can, monitoring these in detail along the way.
Don't fear mould. Penicillium Nalgiovense” is the standard Salami mould. This fluffy white mould acts as a natural barrier to protect the salami from competing​ mould ​or bacteria. ​ The mould also keeps the salumi from drying out too fast, thus slowing the drying process and enabling the development of all kinds of delicious flavors.
From the outset we’ve been conscious of how we could have our products in a marketplace without the use of single use plastics. It has been a personal mission and we are pleased to say that all our products are packaged in compostable, biodegradable and ocean friendly materials and are working on our entire process to be as planet friendly as possible. 
Follow our journey and join the rebellion @curingrebels
For more info, ordering and ideas please get in touch at info@curingrebels.com