We are REBEL

A creative team of Rebels with a passion for high welfare, sustainable produce, making inspired charcuterie and smoking salmon on the South East coast since 2020.
Preserving aged old processes with a modern influence. We butcher, ferment, cure and age all of our products at our HQ.
Our pigs are specially reared for us by farmer Richard, 12 miles from our HQ in Brighton where the pigs are free to roam at the foot of the South Downs. The result: the best quality charcuterie with an abundance of fat intensifying the flavours across all of our cures.
We source our salmon from the oldest independent farm in the rugged north west of Scotland. Hand reared and free from growth promoters and antibiotics with room to grow which makes all the difference to the taste.
REBEL - Taking inspiration from tradition but not following it. Join the Rebellion