We are REBEL

A creative team of three sausage musketeers, with a passion for high welfare, sustainable produce, making inspired charcuterie and smoking Salmon on the South East coast. We launched our products in 2020 with a goal to provide tasty, high welfare produce in plastic free packaging.

Our process begins by sourcing the best produce we can find, this means high welfare, free range, local and happy animals. Our pigs are a little over eleven miles away from our Brighton HQ, reared in open fields in the Southdowns. 

We source our salmon from the oldest independent, owner-operated salmon farm in the rugged north west of Scotland. The fish are entirely hand reared with room to grow and without antibiotics and growth promoters.

From the outset we’ve been conscious about supplying our products without the use of single use plastics. All of our products are packaged in biodegradable and ocean friendly materials. 

REBEL - Taking inspiration from tradition but not following it. Join the Rebellion