Since day one we've strived to make an impact in the correct way. Small businesses face many challenges, packaging has always been our biggest hurdle. 

From the off we were bold, 100% plastic free... we were naive to say the least, but with the very best intentions. all of our products were wrapped in fully compostable paper wrap, a great product but unfortunately the "composting process" started as soon as the products hit the packaging and the product outlived the packagings shelf life.

After this we found a source for 100% biodegradable vacuum pouches, great in principle but unfortunately the material failure rate was over 30% which was totally uneconomical plus the failure rate caused more waste than ever!

Moving forward to 2021 with tireless research we've settled on a format (for now). Our principle is to always do our best in reducing waste.

We are proud to use 100% compostable and recyclable material, its by no means perfect and we will continue to do better as and when resources become available to the market.

If you think you can assist us in our quest to improve our low impact packaging solutions please reach out to us at info@curingrebels.com.





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